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Объявление о продуктах
Download Huobi Wallet App ,Share 400 ETC for New Users
At the beginning of 2020, Huobi Wallet have prepared 400 ETC to be shared by new users.
Huobi Wallet Year-End Giveaway 2,000,000 DOGE To New Users and Supporters
2019 is a terrific year for Huoi Wallet App, and we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you with 2,000,000 DOGE for you to split, just by spreading the message or downloading our app.
Store ADA in Huobi Wallet to Share 66666 ADA
Cardano (ADA) is supported in Huobi Wallet. You can preparefor Staking in Upcoming Cardano Reward Era.
Share 1888 ONG tokens to celebrate Huobi Wallet has become an Ontology consensus node
Huobi Wallet has successfully become a consensus node of ONT. To celebrate this special moment and to show our gratitude to our loyal users, we have prepared 1888 ONG tokens to be shared by our users who have supported us.
Delegate ATOM with Huobi Wallet only 1% commission plus 1500 ATOM give away
Huobi Wallet has added ATOM and become a validator on Cosmos Hub. Install the latest version of Huobi Wallet app now and store your ATOM, or delegate your ATOM with Huobi Wallet, we only charge 1% of commission.
Store and Stake ONT into Huobi Wallet to Share 12,000 ONT
Dear Users,The latest version of Huobi Wallet has supported ONT Staking, and Huobi Wallet has been elected as an ONT node. Now store ONT coins into Huobi Wallet and stake them to Huobi Wallet node, not only the daily ONG will you obtain, but also the staking rewards.
activity, Enjoy 100% Daily Rewards of IOST Partners Node and IOST Servi Node
Huobi Wallet has supported IOST mainnet and allows for voting of IOST Nodes.Moreover, Huobi Wallet also has been elected as an IOST Partner node with over 100 million votes and counting.